First off I wanted to take the time and thank everyone who helped me getting funds to fix my laptop! I have a 2 more commissions I have’t forgot about so both of you will be priority of course!

But for a while I’ve been on the fence if I wanted to go to AX this year or not and I think I finally decided that I wanted to go. Being such sort notice of a choice I didn’t get anytime to save up money and of course the fun things in life aren’t free so I’d love to take some commissions to be able to go!

Above are just a few examples of what I can do but feel free to go through my blog if you’re interested in anything else that I can offer!

chibis 20$

in General a sketch is around 25$

Illustrated character color+simple BG 30$

Painted 50$

I can off anything from pixels, ref sheets, to a full illustration ect. ect.

These are ball park pricing so it may vary depending on what you’re requesting and the character in question. 

feel free to send me an ask, fanmail, or just email me at pepsiie@live.com

my paypal is also located at pepsiie@live.com 

If you can please reblog, or even donate! anything helps

 still doing the thing btw!

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